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Krafla.com is run by Skrautás ehf. which was founded in 1999.
The name Krafla is taken from the most famous fly made by Kristján Gíslasson and it has a very strong connection to Icelandic nature, fly fishing and the creator Kristján himself. Kristján designed “Krafla Orange” during the Krafla volcano eruption in 1977. The eruption lasted on and off from December 20, 1975 until September 18, 1984. After the first Krafla fly was introduced, many more were produced in different shapes and colors.
It is Skrautás ehf.’s priority to provide fly fishers the chance to be reintroduced to Kristján’s creations and further confirm his place as a great fly fisher and designer. Skrautás ehf. also offers trout flies designed by the late Gylfi Kristjánsson.

Kristján Gíslason held in high regard the following philosophy:

  • Fly-fishing is an art.
  • Fly-fishing should be practiced with integrity and passion.
  • Fishermen always treat Icelandic nature with great consideration and respect.
  • Fishing rules and regulations should be followed fully.
  • Treat fellow fishermen with respect.

We at Skrautás ehf. hold these qualities in high regards and hope that all fly-fishers do the same. We have about 100 different fly designs by KG. To start with, we will carefully pick our selection of flies to be sold at Krafla.com. We will then add to the selection steadily until all of the designs have become available at our online store.

The flies are manufactured abroad under strict supervision by Kristjáns family. Our collaboration with the producer and the preparatory work lasted for almost two years. The result is outstanding, top quality flies that will last. Our demands of high quality, durability and robust craftsmanship have been met to the full extent and therefore we can be proud to offer the product.
Identifying features of our flies are their Icelandic names. Kristján put a lot of thought and research into every single fly he designed. It was his priority to try out the flies and he made sure the fish responded before he gave the fly a name.
The beauty, durability and effectiveness of our flies is excellent, as Icelandic fly fishers have known since 1966, when the first flies were introduced to the market.

Stefán Kristjánsson

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